Moisten top corner with paste; roll up tightly to seal. Together in a pan with a bit of coconut oil, lightly sauté the vegetables. Required fields are marked *. From frozen, I bake the egg rolls in a 425 oven for 12 minutes then flip them over and bake for 10-12 minutes more. Iam making them tonight and cannot wait! That doesn’t sound like the right way soften spring roll skins. Place a bit of filling in the center of each wrapper. Thanks for the recipe! Place 1/4 cup of the filling just below the middle of the wrapper. Thank you for sharing this recipe! i dont know where my first comment went but here we go again..i used a rack on a cookie sheet ..i cooked them extra cause they were hard in places but mostly soggy wrapper…i read reviews and made sure thing were dry…very tasty but wrappers did not crisp up at all…did anyone else have that problem? If you put too much, it’s really hard to roll them.. it’s kind of a trial and error thing. At what temperature did you bake this? use a pie plate with warm, water add 1 TBSP sugar ( makes them crispy) They look amazing! I followed a hodgepodge of this recipe and another 2 and loved the filling but agree that baking vs frying does deliver a harder shell than the lovely crumbly greasy deep fried version but is still pretty good and you feel better about eating them. Let cool slightly before serving (this will let the wrappers get a little more crisp too). Fold the pointed end nearest you up over the filling. We will make it again! I put the full tray in the freezer for a few hours then package them up 4-6 uncooked. I would like to freeze a bunch of eggrolls. THIS LOOKS TOO GOOD AND EASY! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I’m not sure. I opted for the veggie version, and it turned out perfect! Cant wait to try these and the rest of your recipes!! Add the turkey or beef. These look really yummy! EZ Baked Egg Rolls 1/6th of recipe (1 egg roll): 82 calories , 0.5g total fat (0g sat fat) , 308mg sodium , 17g carbs , 1.5g fiber , 2g sugars , 3g protein Green Plan SmartPoints ® value 2* Blue … This was an easy and tasty recipe. You’ll want to double or triple the recipe… I’m not even kidding. I have never tried putting my coleslaw mix in the oven to cook it but will try….I have always used my wok. These sound GREAT….but I wish you had a printer friendly version so I didn’t have to write it out !! I did add meat and used fresh mushrooms to mine. By now your vegetables should be finished cooking. I have frozen these before baking and they turn out great. Remove from the baking sheet and serve hot with your favorite dipping sauce.  Click on the link to their site to find helpful pictures for rolling them […], These look delicious. (wonton wrappers, tortillas, crepes?). 1 tablespoon cornstarch. Someone shared it on FB and I’m so glad! Can hardly wait to try them naked…sp check…baked! How to Make Baked Egg Rolls 1. So, I guess next time I will just double the recipe to use up all the shells . I think I may! I’m going to have to try this. Thank you so much for sharing it! Your email address will not be published. I never put them in the fridge raw overnight… I always baked right away or froze for later. That would be great. What a GREAT idea for a sauce! This recipe turned out really well. 2 tablespoons low-sodium soy sauce. Very tasty! Remove the egg rolls … Remove from the baking sheet and serve hot with your favorite dipping sauce. Repeat with remaining wrappers and filling. and found that it’s truly informative. Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday, hope to see you again next week! Wraps still doughy after 30 mins on 350. Hubby likes pork in his, so I might add some to his! Fill a pan with water, heat it on the stove just a little so the water is warm, completely submerge one skin at a a time for no more than 10 seconds. This is a great recipe, but the format makes it really hard to follow. I was concerned that not frying would make them soggy, but they were nice and crisp. We take chinese mustard and use water to make it thin for dipping. Definitely will use again. Keen Whaaaaa!?! This will be part of my vday dinner. I love egg rolls and they are so expensive to buy pre-made. I finally tried this recipe and it was delicious! To bake egg rolls: place egg rolls on prepared baking sheet, brush both sides of egg rolls with 1 1/2 Tbsp oil total. I’m definitely going to have to try these out! Thanks for sharing! Yum! (Insert Ninja Chop Here) « taraism. Aww, I don’t have a microwave. Saute the Broccoli slaw with onion and garlic – add any other tasties you wish. Any idea how I can fix the problem without having to deep fry? Other then that, terrific blog! In a small bowl, combine flour and enough water to make a paste. Then put them on damp towels. If you’re better off assembling them and flash freezing on pan and then store them in bag in freezer until wanting to cook 9and can bake in oven at that point? I did add chicken and a couple of green onions. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE GREAT TUTORIAL AND PICTURES….I AM SURE THEY ARE AS TASTY AS THEY LOOK! So where can you find these egg roll wrappers? Preheat your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Spritz the egg rolls with olive oil or non-stick cooking spray. Then you won’t have to print out so many pages. They’re THAT good. Use this coconut oil for the best flavor – gold label if you want a hint of coconutty goodness, and expeller pressed if you prefer the flavor of the vegetables to stand alone. Cook, stirring constantly, for 2-3 minutes or until the cabbage starts to wilt. I’ve tried to bake them and can’t get them crispy. This is how I’ve been printing out her recipes. Add the vegetables back to the wok along with the soy sauce mixture. We are all about tasty treats, good eats, and fun food. That’s awesome! This recipe looks easy to make and I am going to swap the coleslaw mix for bean sprouts. Delicious!! I love baked eggrolls and have made them often. Would love to make extra for another day. I finally made this — it was so easy and tasted great! Since the filling is already cooked, you only have to worry about crisping up the outside wrapper. Have fun! The trick to using rice paper is use them with a soaking wet dish towel . How much filling do you put in the wrappers? great idea with the sweet chili sauce! (See that little bowl? Dana, I’m not sure how many wrappers are in a package, but the filling is enough for all of the wrappers in the package with a bit extra… maybe 20ish rolls? Online since 1995, CDKitchen has grown into a large collection of delicious recipes created by home cooks and professional chefs from around the world. Don’t want to waste all that paper:). copy and paste and print b4 you cook, then use online recipe as a guide. Place frozen egg rolls on a sheet pan and bake for 15 minutes, flipping once. I tried using two wrappers, chopping up the cole slaw mix more finely and adding ground veal and they were amazing! The baked part was GREAT & we will never fry them again! I added salt and pepper to the ground turkey. And mix in the ginger.

baked egg rolls

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