I live in the middle of the woods attached to state game lands and have never lost a chicken to a predator. Chicken of the woods in Maine. Indeed, chicken of the woods are not good for drying. 100% Upvoted. Posted by 3 hours ago. This mushroom always contains a pore … Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. (Southern Maine) see full image. The best producing hen of the woods tree in maine is located at the Spirit Pond Preserve Phippsburg land trust trails in Phippsburg maine. Freezing is not a great thing to do either, since they will become watery and stringy, not very appetizing at all. For the past two decades the classes I … 8. Chicken of the Woods: Recommended for larger stump style or whole larger logs. Chicken of the woods is fan-shaped to semicircular (or irregular) and it can be smooth to finely wrinkled with a suede-like texture. We also have nesting red tailed hawks who watch our birds, but have never taken any. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Where to find Hen of the Woods: In the Northeast frondosus has a rather lengthy season, from late August in coastal Maine through mid-November in the Hudson Valley of New York, but throughout its range I have found the third week of September to be the best time to look. Sort by. report. (Southern Maine) Close. see full image. Found a nice Chicken of the Woods. Larger logs can be dropped and plugged as they lie to maximize efficiency and minimize labor. 16. Fortunately there is a Facebook group called Maine Mushrooms where you can submit photos, and many people in the group have the expertise necessary to identify hundreds of types of mushrooms. Fruitbodies are bracket-form, broadly attached with yellow, round pores. Sort by. We alternate free range days for our large fowl and keep bantams in enclosed flight pens for outdoor activities. Larger logs = larger fruitings. Chicken Of The Woods is a polypore mushroom because its fertile surface (underside) contains numerous pores from where the spores are dispersed. 92% Upvoted. save hide report. Under David’s guidance you will hike the nearby forests, woodlands, and meadows for wild mushrooms to bring back, prepare and eat. Found a nice Chicken of the Woods. 1/2. Chicken of the woods in Maine. save. Larger logs are recommended because of the inconsistency in larger logs. Posted by 2 hours ago. “Score!” “One of the most delicious mushrooms out there!” “Enjoy!” “Good find!” share. This means that there are no gills on the underside of Chicken Of the Woods, and there will never be gills on the underside. FOR SALE - Maine - Fresh Maine Chicken of the Woods Location: West Gardiner, MAINE Price: $12 1 comment. share. “Chicken of the Woods!” people wrote. Midcoast Maine offers a bounty of some of the finest, from chanterelles, and black trumpets, chicken of the woods, oysters, and meadow mushrooms, and of course porcini and other boletes. Close. 1 comment. The cap measures anywhere from 5 to 30 cm across and up to 20 cm deep; up to 3 cm thick. My favorite way to preserve them is to pickle them, I have a recipe in this website under the chicken of the woods tab, located under “polypores”. the coordinates are approximately: 43.751511, -69.807439 Spirit Pond Hen Of The Woods … hide.

chicken of the woods maine

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