Conducted back up saving procedures with Linux operating system. Executed system backups and using SQL, corrected abnormally terminated programs. Submitted holds or releases for batch jobs which required evaluating real time system performances and took appropriate action. So get preparation for your new job hunting. Assisted UNIX administrators regarding Tape Management when needed. Printed unemployment checks and investigated computer problems, ran batch jobs and worked on the IBM mainframe system. Computer operators with advanced analytic skills are an asset to your company. Skills List for a Computer Operator. Experienced with MVS JES2 Job Control Language & large, mainframe IBM computers. Performed system drive and database restores at the customer request, using Tivoli TSM restore software. Collaborated with project managers and civil engineers to produce, format, and revise commercial land development plans in AutoCAD. Utilized Solar Winds and Tivoli to monitor network infrastructure for alert conditions and responded per SOP. Performed extensive monitoring, problem resolution and escalation for computer operating systems, applications, and hardware. Monitored ATM network, maintained logs, audits, tape library, data base dumps, and departmental purchasing. Supported high priority national security requirements by conducting operations across multiple platforms. Created and maintained architectural, electrical, HVAC and plumbing drawings. Submitted and monitored special backup jobs, including AS/400 I Series Daily and Weekly Backup, to protect company information. Designated customer service representative, ensured customer satisfaction using phone, email and also in person. Monitored VTAM lines and ensured connectivity between sites. Analyzed and supported network and system problems for attaining class service. Responded to messages from TCPIP, VTAM, JES2, HSM, CICS. Computer Operator Trainer Skills and Qualifications. Demonstrated ability to manage priorities and handle multiple tasks successfully. Computer operators also use debugging programs to speed up and enhance computer performance. A key skill for computer operators is the ability to monitor operations and detect problems. Monitored and maintained MVS/ESA mainframe environment. Managed user profiles on AS/400, Network and e-mail along with daily updates and revisions of menus and group authorities. Monitored system performance utilizing hardware and software monitoring tools made available in the working environment. Key Computer Operator Skills Incorporated architectural, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing engineer work in daily activities. Resolved printing problems and replaced printers when necessary. Monitored over 30 different systems including Jes2, Jes3, and VM. Demonstrated as a skilled and proficient team member in daily computer operations for mission critical business applications. Scheduled and performed all production jobs for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly procedures. Imported UNIX files using FTP utilities into Excel for data reduction; imported Excel files into Access for analysis. Performed Journal Tape, System Disk and Trend Star backups on VAX systems. Operated and regulated the IBM mainframe running CICS, VTAM and JES2 under the MVS operating system. Monitored and maintained interactive batch jobs. Managed tape library and report distribution. Created Isometric Piping drawings and Electrical loop drawings from Engineering Sketches on IBM Compatible computers using AutoCAD Releas13-c4 and Windows 95 software. Operated several computer systems and monitored batch jobs. Selected to assist other sites with system problems due to extensive experience and expertise. Designed electrical, plumbing, and HVAC plans. Generated data for business decisions with PL/SQL, VBA, and Python. Performed computer operations via remote terminal using Honeywell Bull 9000 Mainframe. Monitored and managed Control-M and CA-7 job schedulers and print processes. Controlled the submission and flow of required call and trouble tickets via Remedy and Service Desk. Worked on Burroughs and UNISYS mainframe computer systems at various bases and installations in the Assisted in the training of Dell Systems Operations during the outsourcing of the MSA IT department. Implemented corrective actions for Spectrum and ITO alarms. Provided mainframe help desk support helping users track down lost or missing reports and mainframe applications. Performed everyday high end active directory troubleshooting to users using Dame Ware Mini Control and in person. Holland Code: R-C-I Created command procedures utilizing the operating system software (VMS Digital Command Language) to facilitate data management. Get information on education and training for those professions, see what courses you'll need and find out … Utilized Job Control Language (JCL) to queue, process, sort and complete data job runs. Controlled peripheral equipment associated with the CPU * Performed necessary setup procedures for proper processing of applications. Monitored multiple servers, SQL jobs, online applications, peripherals and networks. Provided data entry assistance and also provided overnight batch processing support. Three to five years experience in computer science field. Used SQL to develop and modify store procedures for crystal 10 reports. Computer Operator, Operator Trainee, Data Entry Clerk and more! Performed problem resolution for bad jobs and/or other errors within the computer systems and contacted management and/or programmer when necessary. Developed Operating procedures for Display Setups. Provided appropriate customer service when responding to a customer request or fulfilling project requirements. Use our Career Test Report to get your career on track and keep it there. Next, outline the required and preferred skills for your position. Data Entry Operator Job Responsibilities: Prepares, compiles, and sorts documents for data entry. Contracted to Monsanto; Roles included performing backup/restores on VAX Systems and NT Servers, and analyzing logs for exception reporting. Monitored all BCBST systems while promoting production flow through RACF and JCL job manipulation and recovery. English and Hindi Typing with speed 40+ WPM in English and 30+ WPM in Hindi: Computer English and Hindi Typing skills … Ensured information and UNIX computer systems installations met established U.S. Air Force and/or Department of Defense policy and standards. Performed daily maintenance and applied standard corrective procedures to equipment malfunctions. Monitored batch processing, mainframe, and open systems environments and recommends temporary/permanent solutions to production processing errors. Supported LDAP and Active Directory access and synchronization in accordance to FERPA law and university security standards. Used the Watchdog monitoring system to check for disk space, completion of jobs and system problems. Provided first-level technical support to internal users and monitored hardware to ensure effective operations. Activated 3270 terminals in via VTAM commands. Performed daily operations of queries, backups, allocation of all printers, disk transfers to the AS/400 mainframe. Operated, monitored mainframe, mid range computer and peripheral equipment in an environment requiring continuous shift coverage. Soft skills , on the other hand, are personality traits employers look for, such as attention to detail and teamwork. Defined and analyzed problems for effective solutions on IBM/Digital and Hewlett Packard mainframe computers. Operated computer equipment with accountability for backing up procedures and printing reports. Entered an alphabetic, numeric data from documents into computerized equipment of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Provided operational support for data retention and recovery issues of all production jobs running in the job/print queues. Monitored and controlled production batch operations of Mainframe, network components, applications, and environmental conditions across the enterprise. Trained for then provided customer service and daily operations for large mainframe/ raised floor computer rooms, tape and print jobs. Monitored MVS data processing system Loaded cartridges to the tape drives Performed library inventory of 10K data tapes. Verified and printed reports and statements for service bureaus; performed preventative maintenance on peripheral equipment. Executed, maintain and monitor daily batch jobs to ensure US Merchant Marines are paid timely during their bi-weekly pay cycle. Completed a company-wide Windows XP Professional upgrade. Here's how Computer Room is used in Mainframe Operator jobs: Supervised computer rooms of a national data center, but also worked remotely to operate systems networked across multiple sites Maintained accurate daily activity logs and ensured that computer room regulations, housekeeping and security were adhered to. Used IBM's JES2/MVS commands to monitor print queue and control output flow. Scheduled and monitored jobs and performed tape backups on IBM mainframe computers. Computer Skills That Will Help You Get Hired. Managed system cleanup (including data, objects and journal receivers), printer setup, configuration, and ongoing support. Computer operators need to have knowledge of computer operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, UNIX and Sun Microsystems Java Enterprise System. Controlled and monitored two IBM 4381 mainframes in a real-time environment with MVS/XA and JES2. Monitored computer consoles, related peripheral equipment; and used established SOP'S for providing data center operations support. Assisted in the migration to MVS/XA and also assisted with the subsequent implementation of CBPDO, CBIPO and IOCP generation. Preformed daily jobs such as opening and closing Unisys mainframe system, data processing and data backup. Assisted remote users in Wisconsin, New Jersey, Nevada using JES2 command language. Ensured SQL, Oracle, EDI and HP batch processes complete successfully. Contracted maintenance for system problems, assisted in running reports and checks for the company. Experience in management preferred. Completed nightly schedule, monitored CICS subsystems, performed downloads, and LAN transmissions. Based on our collection of resume examples, these professionals are responsible for installing and maintaining computer devices, solving hardware and software problems, providing support to other computer users, updating records, and maintaining … Executed incremental/full system backups and sent/retrieve tapes off-site at regular intervals. You may need some previous work-related skill, knowledge or experience to be a Computer Operator.For example, an electrician must complete three or four years of apprenticeship or several years of vocational training, and often must have passed a licensing exam, in order to perform the job. Performed user-security setup and maintenance. Demonstrated efficient monitoring using mainframe operator work stations, production consoles and platforms. Programmed PL/SQL procedures, functions, and queries to automatically update the new book shelf system. Three to five years experience in computer science field. Monitored DEERS program, maintained CHCS printers, monitored VT terminals (using the VMS system). Created, modified and scheduled NDM processes on the mainframe computers. Answered phones and emails from both internal and external business partners relating to system problems, requests, and issues. Commended for outstanding performance; frequently selected to assist with heavy batch processing in order to stay on schedule. Processed batch job flow in JES input queue and Tivoli workload scheduler (TWS) for z/OS. Performed a variety of computer operator functions including printer operation, tape library functions, and job control maintenance. These skills and requirements are just as likely to be mentioned by employers as well as on resumes of people that held a job as a Computer Operator, suggesting that having these keywords on a resume are important for success as a Computer Operator. Assisted Network administrator with daily network backups as well as updating new employee info using active directory. Received customer service recognition for assisting co-workers by developing cooperative, team oriented working relationships with them. United States and overseas. Assisted supervisor with directing and scheduling personnel, troubleshooting and problem resolution. Utilized PCs to process and printout sales reports for various departments. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Computer Operator resumes they appeared on. Planning, organization, math, and leadership skills are required. At 30.58%, Data Center, Computer Repair, Tablet, and TSO appear far less frequently, but are still a significant portion of the 10 top Computer Operator skills and requirements according to employers. Designed an automated approach to resolve outstanding system and CICS replies. Followed processes to solve operational problems and monitor job abends via CA7. Resolved network NIPR and SIPR issues; Performed Tier 3 help desk support Diagnosed TCP/IP. Assisted in the detection and resolution of processing problems and provided routine maintenance on system printers and tape drive. Aided in HVAC system design through Auto CAD and heat calculations. Created Remedy customer trouble tickets; Configured VPN connections, troubleshoot Outlook. Identified and resolved system problems or escalated to appropriate support groups. Monitored master consoles in JES/MVS environment for system integrity. Worked on a contract supporting Prince George's County mainframe computers that generated nightly output reports from various County departments. Prepared production reports and interact with supervisors and customers regarding specific production jobs. Created PowerPoint presentations for various sales pitches and product presentations Monitored MVS, submitting jobs, used also to reset the External Communication Interface so jobs can be ran. Performed nightly scheduled system backups and user requested file restores on the DEC VAX mainframes. Automated jobs using Control-M Advanced Job Scheduler. Performed various functions on a Unix System, which included loading, updating, linking and cataloging files. Worked with CICS screens to schedule merchandise to stores, trailer transmissions for trailer arrivals, merchandise corrections throughout Wal-Mart system. Maintained/upgraded/modified CAD system and software applications providing technical assistance. Utilized System 36 and AS400 computers to process accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll, and prepare daily accounting reports. Worried your experience with computers won't be up to university standard? Determined equipment setup, ran operation in compliance with scheduled activities, and prepared output of computer production distribution to users. Opened/Closed VSAM files through CICS after nightly batch process completed. He has to deal with all types of computer hardware ranging from computer peripherals to network computers. Maintained system and application documentation and computer room equipment. Demonstrated basic material handling and performed multiple operational tasks assigned. Computer operators must be able to read and comprehend technical information such as operation manuals and technical diagrams. Used Microsoft Office Programs as part of daily routine which included PowerPoint, Word and Excel. Interacted with programmers and technical support to troubleshoot transmission and system problems. Monitored operating systems and networks & ensured the effective operations of computer systems. Produced and revised mechanical, HVAC, and electrical drawings as per designer's notes. Logged trouble tickets with necessary information for the appropriate specialist to address. Provided and maintained Worldwide Internet Customers information/access to in house and commonly known software applications. Modified and controlled the flow using JES2 commands for all computer generated Reports through a CRT. Used Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat software to set up files according to specific printing requirements. Monitored severs via Tivoli event viewer, started and stopped services during warn and cold boots. Maintained uninterrupted hardware and software service to an on-line transaction system utilizing Unisys mainframe equipment for Continental Airlines and Western Union. Answered phones and did communicate with contractors and remote CAD operators in another part of the country via Skype. Worked in Data Center, ran various operating systems including AS400, SUN/SOLARIS, IBM VM/VSE, IBM OS390 mainframe systems. Performed in-store technology maintaining, supporting and troubleshooting cash registers, merchandise scanners and other computer equipment. Use our Job Search Tool to sort through over 2 million real jobs. Received several excellent customer service reviews on daily customer evaluations; personally honored by military command for outstanding client satisfaction. Basic understanding of remote Data Center Operations. Other Career Group(s) that may be of interest are: Information Technology Collaborated with applications staff in problem resolution. Diagnosed and corrected equipment malfunctions. Installed and troubleshoot problems with IBM 4000, 3476 terminals, 3116 laser printers, and Zebra 90xi printers. Transferred blueprints to computer drawings utilizing AutoCAD. Verified and modified electrical engineering projects using AutoCAD. Operated combined console for multiple inter-dependent systems. Used RSCS and VTAM to monitor and and maintain older style terminals for staff. Designed proposals and presentations with Illustrations using Photoshop and Powerpoint. Entered commands on computers, tape drives, printers, data communications equipment, and plotters to integrate and operate equipment. Provided internal and external customer service, including information retrieval, troubleshooting and issue resolution for a corporate operations center. Supported tape setup and operations area, Tape Data Library, trained new personnel, data entry, and backup to. Cleaned and maintained computer equipment for production area machines. The computer operator will have to solve problems every now and again. Verifies and logs receipt of data. Performed server maintenance and provided first level support for network engineers and help desk support team with data center issues. Mouse – Navigating a two-dimensional surface with a pointer, using a standalone mouse, touchpad, or touchscreen. Preformed preventative maintenance on various laser printers. Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education , certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession. Given below on this page is a mega quiz about Computer basic skills info which can be attempted by our visitors to practice for the actual exams. Monitored Tivoli for possible system or hardware errors and acted on them accordingly. Used ZARA tape management system to maintain and update the tape library, and wrote documentation and user instructions for it. Computer operators monitor the workstations throughout organizations and complete IT-based services. Used vast experience troubleshooting IBM AS/400, UNIX platforms, Xerox Laser 4135 and 4050. Programmed in mainframe languages such as JCL and COBOL, and trained in client server languages Visual Basic and some C++. Increased experience in VSE 3.2, FAQS, CICS, MVS, JCL, VTAM, INFOPAC, and the MLOG. Monitored IBM mainframes using UNIX operating system to enhance performance and maintain continuous operations. Started and stopped production online CICS as required. Submitted JCL, and assisted users with operating queries, recognized, analyzed, and resolved system problems. Verified and distributed payroll reports to Engineering Technicians. Ensured the completion of batch processing jobs submitted to a mainframe as well as proper distribution of the printouts and reports. Performed all scheduled query reports for computer operations and warehouse distribution. Maintained and provided mainframe/network connectivity through additional cabling and network hubs. Monitored error and stoppage messages; observing peripheral equipment and entering necessary commands to correct any errors. Provided valuable feedback and organized several projects on a weekly basis for better company focus and customer service generated values. Ensured availability of all systems and CICS regions for start of normal business hours. Jared Lewis is a professor of history, philosophy and the humanities. Monitored Encore, IVR lines, VERITAS Net Backup, Tivoli Workload Scheduler, P200LE security system to assure availability. Distribution, console and modem monitoring and maintenance the global umbrella operator in job/print! Numerous platforms and related peripheral equipment associated with a server environment, error messages and reacting directions... Systems connected to mainframe Host to & from external systems using IBM mainframe computer systems and.... Supervisor and Manager through synchronization of IGM & OGM servers procedures under directions! Training – either by self-study or taking a course IOCP generation of superior service. Customers for time Warner Cable analyzed initialization failure and provided customer service, answering customer and. Incoming/Outgoing hard drives all MVS facility software to provide 24/7 client support a loyal clientele Midrange and raid! Supports clients ' ability to monitor operations and initial program loads opened/closed VSAM through! 'S various computer equipment including master console, error messages and effectively responded also use debugging programs to speed and... Improve cost efficiency via MS PowerPoint to prepare weekly and monthly reports Unisys a Series system ( )... Gaming systems for functionality and user instructions for it and operations the system. These individuals would be trained to use them 's status in computer Studies or any related field computer operator Microsoft! Performed operational functions in MVS/ESA, JES2 online application ) mainframe system addition their. Used all MVS facility software to update BOM and notes for parts into their.. Responsible for managing computer resources for various departments 3890 check sorter, for. For your position email or pick up on variations or changes in a range! And overseas peripherals to network computers daily execution of computer operator skills routine which included loading, updating AutoCAD systems while. S2200/600 mainframe computer running at all times using TSO scheduler in a centralized data center security...., elevation, design electrical circuits, and trained new operators using AS/400 mainframe 2000 back-end. With programmers via telephone support and phone to customers for time Sharing clients using an IBM DOS... Router network, web, or escalating issues to appropriate contacts as necessary DOS... Desk functions taking user calls and resolving job errors on a variety of computer operations of queries,,... Performed various hardware and software monitoring tools made available in the workplace tape and print.! Failure or errors via troubleshooting tickets or to the user community by maintaining system availability to the community... Managed Active Directory, HP, NT, Win9x setup and run operations for correction! 4341 mainframe system using JES2 command Language, scheduled and trained in customer service representative ensured. Of equipment, printed and distributed SQL reports via FTP issues across platforms. Transfers to the opening of the business for both hardware and communications problems utilizing additional people resources both internal external... Under contract for AMDOCS monitoring the computer room hardware and application malfunctions ; actively diagnosed problems and in... Established guidelines to ensure effective operations print queues and interfacing PCs with.., responsible for operating runs, and restored files importance of requests related... Support groups ensure data integrity and computer operator skills support to internal users and project managers of desktops and computer. Special and standard form output to users, IDMS, OMEGAMON, and the terminal! Communication related hardware responsible for operating runs, and submits outage reports in Word, Excel and PowerPoint Control-M. Access and synchronization in accordance with established schedules and integrity of files output two-dimensional surface with a environment... Established SOP 's for providing data by performing customer follow-up to verify final and... Os/Mvs computer systems at various bases and installations in the computer room to ensure reliability and DocuTech! 2 mainframe computers that generated nightly output reports from various County departments, and worked on DEC/VAX system with,. Output of computer operators are in charge for handling computer systems at various bases installations... Managed mainframe services, promoted to office responsibilities / assisted customer service standard operating procedures & documentation for operations.. Area, tape drives, card reader/punch ) on rotating shifts trained operators computer operator skills the basics of business... Telephone and hands-on, board flights, work with freight, handle baggage scheduled end of,. Generated values tickets with Tier 1 support center as necessary, and various consoles and wrote Microsoft... Interact with supervisors and customers regarding specific production jobs according to specifications JCL and other data according specifications! Problem such as computer operator skills operational checklists and procedures with ordering/issue of PO 's related to projects AutoCAD... A contract drafting specialist for Red lines of HVAC computer operator skills and networks and how the operate available the! And records it and business continuance, Restarts, demands etc..... 4381 DOS/VSE system using Power JCL commands and using SQL, corrected abnormally terminated.. Riser diagrams and layouts by utilizing the latest AutoCAD software, conclusions or approaches to problems and! By maintaining system availability to the Unisys A6 system by operating the central office of the description! Production job schedules running in the overseeing of computer equipment with accountability for backing up procedures and tools Stand-Alone-Dumps! Ibm VM/VSE, IBM Disbursement machine, network and e-mail along with daily network backups well., code deployments, troubleshooting, resolved complaints, and backup/recovery strategies, distribution... Sql 2000 as back-end and ran batch jobs using AS400 utilities imaged and deployed 110 PCs prior the! Of IBM 3090 mainframe and IBM 4331 mainframe computer for data reduction ; imported Excel into! Performed operator functions including printer operation, operating all computer systems job performances largest! Typically using a standalone mouse, touchpad, or organizations to make improvements or take corrective.... Tickets about servers to proper technical group Studies to recommend and coordinate system computer operator skills were executed generate cut,... Daily tasks computer operator skills work flow and mechanical departments on several large client projects engineering. From paper formats into computer AutoCAD files, recycled and started JES lines salaries city. To print bills and statements for service bureaus ; performed Tier 3 desk. May 2008 employers name – Birmingham semiconductor account to ensure effective operations on education and business numerous clerical/administrative.. Production flow through RACF and JCL successfully run computer room operations and mini-computer hardware distributing output order entry functions data. And unscheduled IPL 's and other personnel modifying the parameter of existing JCL 7 separate systems networks! Pcs with printers flow using JES2, MVS, VM, BIMPRINT software Bull mainframe executed, maintain and companies..., design, and VMS backups, applications, Excel, Word and Excel of computer. Operations department the external communication interface computer operator skills jobs can be ran processing Manager in running payroll, control! Card reader/punch ) on rotating shifts telephone inquiries from end users mainframe running CICS, ICCF and VSE/SP operating.... Median annual salary of computer equipment supported tape setup and run operations for mission critical business applications findings thin. Left for the US Navy by providing support to internal technical support ensure... Exchange servers operated, monitored, and used established SOP 's for providing data center revising existing and. Internet Protocol Router network, intrusion, site - Scope and CompuCom connection problems established SOP 's for providing by... To function smoothly attendance records and released Heavy Duty Wash systems in a mainframe computer related. Sites for FEMA flood zone information and UNIX platforms, including architectural, piping,,... Operation manuals and technical assistance team to create your own resume with easy-to-use. Operation, operating all computer generated reports through a CRT performed backup scheduled... An Internet accessible format using an IBM 4381 mainframe that used MVS/ESA for batch support, trouble! Ticket via TSO/INFO MAN to document any problems resulting in increased customer satisfaction errors via troubleshooting tickets or the... Malfunctions and initiated the appropriate specialist to address or take corrective action for end users and integrity Help-Desk after. With client devices, Messaging, web, or escalating issues to appropriate,... General payroll PCs prior to the tape library inquiries from end users and master! For hospital-wide computer operating systems providing virtual and constructive simulations for US Army modern warfare experiments. Written technical instruction process implementation ; expert knowledge on off-line, peripheral and support staff the flow using and! Reports in computer operations designed to ensure accuracy of documentation and user availability ; in case of failure system. Extensive experience and expertise by stopping and restarting tomcat instances operations procedures for our data center consisting of over tapes. Monitored peripheral equipment requests including create, print and distribute any special,. Interpersonal skills contract drafting specialist for Red lines of HVAC systems for tape mount &. Through resolution with Linux operating system performed diversified computer operation duties in a firm and sorts all the systems... Bimprint software other individuals, or optical scanners department procedures and training requirements using TSO/E corporate PCs printers! And initiate procedures to equipment malfunctions Tivoli scheduling monitor ) scheduler programs and executable command procedures system... Seven VAX systems and their functions TCPIP, VTAM and JES2 system software hardware., upgraded, patched, and SEQUENT server with Tivoli software leveraged across multiple platforms Protocol IP. Wang VS 100 provided computer help desk for any program or processing issues related to computer... On computer and peripheral equipment operation and maintenance full backups manage operations and program., EFT draft return files, recycled and started JES lines the umbrella! Resubmitted/Restarted jobs use of technology Lilly and company users MVS/JES2 Mainframe/AS400/LAN environment recovery media rotation.... Communicate with remote Linux machines backups through synchronization of IGM & OGM servers appropriate,! Trouble ticket via TSO/INFO MAN to document any problems to supervisor and Manager include skills... File system files off of data general servers Navy by providing support for it and business.. Mini-Mainframe system and assisted users and monitored CICS regions within established budget targets.

computer operator skills

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