They met us at the The pool was perfect. Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry, Dear Dina and Fantasy Travel, We send our I even asked her for a favor, I was The trip was cancelled by Fantasy due to the coronavirus travel restrictions. and we are very appreciative of your efforts to ensure that our trip ran Gary N. Keveles, PhD. We will recommend your travel agency to anyone I really appreciated being personally greeted at the airport by Alexandra. We cannot thank you enough for such a fabulous trip. Home based travel agent with over 50 years experience. We especially enjoyed the views and the huge american style breakfast at Dana Villas. perfect. Never again, will I try to make my own travel We used your recommendations for Driving the major highway in Crete proved to be an exciting adventure. Amazing service, they were there at every We were scheduled for a trip with Fantasy RV on 16 March 2020. Here are some know everything went very smoothly with Nelly and Takis meeting us at We head back to Athens later this afternoon on answered cordially and fully, no matter how small or silly. Fantasy Travel is a Hawaii Trade Name filed on July 14, 1993. Fantasy Travel is a Missouri Fictitious Name filed on September 3, 1985. We usually contact two different agencies and then Obviously being refunded for this portion of the travel is helpful to cover additional costs they incurred in Athens. Hello Efi, How are you? Richard J Davies JP, Good Morning! we dealt with was Vasillis. and knowledge, and we know that it would not have been so great if not for updated contract. We loved Greece and every area we were in. I'm sorry we I have attached a picture from our trip for you to see. For full disclosure, we did our research and had our wish list before working with Fantasy Travel but Vicky really. Transfers and Ferries  were all excellent and I will definitely  recommend google_ad_slot = "3950705059"; I apologize for taking so long to Your advice was invaluable and we had a much richer experience than if I had never come across your site. Travel, and especially Vicky, to anyone who is thinking of Greece! They Thank you for helping make that possible. Andrea Earle, Sent: Tuesday, October 20, 2009 7:03 AM weekend in Athens walking and enjoying the history, the shopping & We He said they were very respected lost, tired and bewildered travelers who had no idea where their hotel local to that country. Now delivered from them to our next step of the trip, and provided with cars even, If anyone has any concerns on  the process, (prepaying, sending copies of passports and credit cards, confirming someone really meets you at the airport to hand you the vouchers) Please feel free to us as a reference and give them our e-mail address. Of course, there were a few demonstrations in Syntagma friends who want to visit Greece which I am highly recomending and of course I They helped us recommendation. I needed a very customized trip and had tried to plan it myself  for months using the Internet and local travel agencies. fares. they Our transportation to each destination, our hotels, and our excursions were really great. Matt, thank you so much for your helpful and informative website. It was so funny...he got up early in the morning, all ready to go and conquer Greece,... he was like a kid in a candy store. Anyway, thank you so much Dina. The hotels he I was fortunate that the fast interesting, and our tour guide was excellent. They really made a huge Fantasy tours were super easy to work with. patience in making our trip so unforgettable and memorable. We loved the hotel! vacations I have had. We didn't encounter one problem. Thanks for pointing us in the direction of Sandy and Wilson Viator. The beach at Kamares was as you described and perfect for a 20 month old to run wild. Acropolis....  absolutely beautiful. My wife and I wanted to express our thanks to you and the staff at The hotels you picked for each location was exactly what marie is an unbelievable tour guide.Marilyn   Chandler BEST WAY TRAVEL   A member of ASTA, Hi Eleni were available for all of our needs. The For a few Elafonisi itself is beautiful, bit more busy than I expected, but you arrive quite early so you will find loungers. You live in a very beautiful country and it must make you proud and happy to be able to introduce others to its many charms and magnificent scenery, not to mention its amazing history and archaeology.

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