Geboren im Jahr 1963, ist die gebürtige Niederländerin eine Designerin, die ihren Ursprung im Handwerk hat. According to Hella, all her questions are open-ended, and all her answers provisional, taking the form of finished and semi-finished products. Acclaimed artist Hella Jongerius argues that these processes of industrialisation have narrowed our experiences of colour and its cultural meanings. She explains: "There is a phenomenon in colorimetry called Metamerism. Together with theorist Louise Schouwenberg, in 2015 she launched a manifesto titled ‘Beyond the New: a search for ideals in design’. Design Museum, London 28 June – 24 September 2017. by NICOLA HOMER. This woman breathes color. “Hella Jongerius’ work puts colour center stage. Ready to Ship. Drawing on 15 years of colour research, designer Hella Jongerius presents a series of installations that deepen our understanding of colour. on Materials, shapes, shadows, reflections: through a series of studies, the Dutch designer asks her audience to consider how light can have an influence on both colours and materials, the role of a shadow, the relationship between form and colour. She is also of the belief that making new items is only one aspect of design. Hella Jongerius’ (1963, the Netherlands) work combines the traditional with the contemporary, the newest technologies with age-old craft techniques. Movie with Hella Jongerius, creative director of colours, textiles and surfaces at Vitra, on why she doesn't want to design new pieces of furniture. 1 business day (1) 2 business days (1) Category. So 29.11.20 . In the midst of a throwaway culture, Jongerius’ designs are a rare gem – iridescent, rich, and beautiful in their flaws. Katy Cowan Her 2011 project The Daylight Wheel is a exceptional example. Die niederländische Designerin Hella Jongerius ist für ihre einzigartige Auseinandersetzung mit Farben und Material Hella Jongerius is known for carefully selecting the brands she works with, and is focused on building lasting partnerships and worthwhile products. It occurs when colours are viewed in different conditions, and describes the effect when two colours appear to match even though they might not actually do so. Die Farbe eines Objekts wird durch sein Material greifbar gemacht. However, she soon broke with the collective to explore her own interests in design away from the label of the influential movement. She opposes the prevalent design attitude in which color comes after function, form and material – treating it with equal priority. Her Color Block Throw (2016) features contrasting color blocks of varied intensity, with two-tone combinations of colored thread visible in the fringe at both ends and along the sides. Diese ist für ihre einzigartige Auseinandersetzung mit Farben … A series of three-dimensions objects – that Jongerius describes as Colour Catchers – are used throughout the exhibition. Eröffnungsweekend: Hella Jongerius – Breathing Colour. The objects on display included textiles woven from yarns of varying hues from UV exposure, as well as her recognizable faceted vessels called ‘color catchers’. This allows each item in a suite of furniture to display a different segment of the design making them related, yet unique. Sortierung zurücksetzen. Drawing from decades of her own research, celebrated Dutch designer Hella Jongerius has created a new series of objects and experiences that inspire us to look more deeply at colour. 1 June 2017. Now, drawing on 15 years of research, Jongerius will present Breathing Colour , an installation-based exhibition at the Design Museum that takes a deeper look at how we relate to colour in a more intimate and personal way.

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