Location. Overview of Hubbard Glacier Located in south-central Alaska north of Yakutat, with its origins in Yukon Territory, Canada, Hubbard Glacier is the largest tidewater glacier in North America. The captain ofour ship, the Celebrity Millenium was great (a wonderful sense of humour). Can you tell us about a few glaciers near Anchorage? Walsh. The Fairbanks APLIC is open daily from 8 AM - 5 PM for visitor walk-ins and group reservations. Best nearby. This tidewater glacier may be a bit of sleeping giant. You could hear the cracking of the ice before it fell into the sea. Harbor seals ride the floes, basking in the sun; orca whales prowl just around the ice barrier, waiting for an unwary seal to come out to where the whales' sonar can reach. Mt. The approach to Hubbard itself is spectacular but when you are there it is an amazing experience. The Hubbard Glacier is located about 30 miles north off the coast of Yakutat and is by far one of Alaska’s most exciting natural treasures. Matanuska Glacier is about 2 hour drive north of Anchorage. THE WHOLE THING IS COMING DOWN! The glacier is close to sealing off Russell Fjord at top from Disenchantment Bay at bottom. Access onto Matanuska Glacier is via Glacier Park Resort. In 2002 the advancing terminus of Hubbard Glacier created a glacier lake dam which turned Russell Fiord in to a lake for about two and a half months. Hubbard Glacier is located in eastern Alaska (USA) and partially of Yukon (Canada). 1. Hubbard Glacier, Alaska, squeezes towards Gilbert Point on May 20, 2002. North of Yakutat in Yakutat Bay and Disenchament Bay. Due to COVID-19, Alaska Public Lands Information Centers have reduced hours and programming for 2020. Why Hubbard Glacier, Alaska is Better. Yakutat Bay, AK. The ship was very close to the tidewater glacier and allowed us to both see and hear the glacier calving. Although the weather was somewhat hostile, as long as you were suitably, Before going to the glacier I thought we'd be fortunate to see an iceberg calving. The ship very slowly turned 360 degrees so everyone got a good view of the glacier. The image above, acquired by the Operational Land Imager (OLI) on Landsat 8, shows Hubbard Glacier on July 22, 2014. Map of Hubbard Glacier Below we display the facility for you to find Hubbard Glacier on the map. 0 Restaurants within 10 km. Hubbard Glacier, named for the first president of the National Geographic Society, Gardiner Hubbard, is massive. The Hubbard Glacier is actually growing not receding as many other glaciers. © 2020 TripAdvisor LLC All rights reserved. 0 Other Attractions within 10 km. Logan is the 2nd tallest mountain on the North American continent. The Hubbard Glacier is actually growing not receding as many other glaciers. Guided tours are available with Yakutat Charter Boat Company's experienced skippers. The ship was very close to the tidewater glacier and allowed us to both see and hear the glacier calving. The advancement or retreat of a glacier’s terminus depends on the snowfall that melts down or flows from its catchment basin. Kenai Fjords National Park provides a spectacular close-up view of Exit Glacier. Get out of the city and deeper into the Alaskan wilderness than is typical on a sightseeing tour. Icebergs sized as a 10-story building routinely break off. Hubbard Glacier is currently advancing rather than retreating like many of its Alaska glacial neighbors. The Hubbard Glacier is a glacier spanning through eastern Alaska and through part of the Yukon Territory in Canada.A large portion of the glacier was destroyed by Percy Jackson during his battle with the shades of Roman legionaries. Contact. The glacier enters Disenchantment Bay with most of its ice being below the waterline. We visited Hubbard Glacier, located in Yakutat Bay in Southeast Alaska. From its source in the Yukon, the glacier stretches 122 km (76 mi) to the sea at Yakutat Bay and Disenchantment Bay. WHOAAA!!! For more information, call the Anchorage office at 907-644-3661 or the Fairbanks office at 907-459-3730. Your guide to experiencing Alaska's Public Lands, Discover Alaska's Parks, Forests and Refuges, Alaska Department of Commerce and Economic Development, Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities, Stewardship of Public Lands: Do Your Part. Hubbard Glacier’s catchment basin is in the Saint Elias Mountains and has a big accumulation area (95% of the glacier as a whole) which allows the terminus to advance as long as the accumulation areas (places where snow and ice are added) stay larger than … If for any reason this is not displaying the correct map location then please inform us. Traversing the iceberg-riddled waters en route to the glacier, is only the beginning. Hubbard Glacier is a glacier in Yakutat and has an elevation of 4206 feet. Alaska Cruise Tours Hubbard Glacier Parking Design Scrapbook Pages Scrapbooking Ideas Topographic Map … The Hubbard Glacier starts at Mt. Get to … 0 Restaurants within 5 miles. Off the coast of Yakutat—200 miles NW of Juneau—Hubbard is certainly gigantic: it's more than six miles wide where it meets the ocean. Hubbard Glacier from Mapcarta, the free map. Glacier Bay is a famous scenic cruising destination because there are many glaciers to see in a beautiful location. The Heroes of Olympus The Son of Neptune Please choose a different date. Scenic Drives, Points of Interest & Landmarks. If you’re wondering what the largest glacier in Alaska is, you got it. amazing...... Had a million dollar view from our balcony on the Coral Princess. Located in Disenchantment Bay between Seward and Skagway, Hubbard Glacier is the largest glacier in North America. Hubbard Glacier has a large accumulation area, like a river with a large watershed. It has a length of 122 km (76 ml). In 1891 it was renamed in honor of Thomas Corwin Mendenhall. The glacier is hugh and I think chances of seeing calving are greater from the ship than from a small boat. Map of Hubbard Glacier. Hubbard Glacier from Mapcarta, the free map. An easy trail takes you to the face of this land-locked glacier, located about 12 miles north of Seward. Hubbard Glacier Tour - (click link to view video) The Hubbard Glacier, Disenchantment Bay, and Russell Fjord are as wonderful natural treasures as any. In May 1986, the Hubbard Glacier surged forward, blocking the outlet of Russell Fjord and creating “Russell Lake.” All that summer, the new lake filled with runoff; its water level rose 25 meters (82 ft), and the decrease in salinity threatened its sea life. more, Recommended experiences in and around Alaska. Large chunks of the glacier break off into the ocean on a regular basis. Rising water in the newly formed lake altered local hydrology and was a threat to nearby communities. Spending an hour close to the glacier on the new Allan tour boat (picks you up directly off your cruise ship) was very im... A slow cruise between mini icebergs towards the glacier, arriving in beautiful sunshine. Alaska's Hubbard Glacier Is Doing the Unthinkable. Hubbard Glacier is up to 65 meters (213 feet) wide at its face and 50 meters (164 feet) tall, but that’s only the tiniest piece of the ice: The main channel of this frozen river begins 122 kilometers (76 miles) back, pouring down from the shoulder of Mt. Named in 1890 after Gardiner G. Hubbard (regent of the Smithsonian Institution and first president of the National Geographic Society), it is the longest tidewater glacier in Alaska, with an open calving face over ten kilometers (6 mi) wide. As our ship was smaller than the h... An amazing place to visit - feels remote, takes you back a long way in time. On top of the glacier was a giant sized version of Camp Jupiter, Alcyoneus' headquarters.. Hubbard Glacier creates dam on Russell Fiord. Saved by Kay Matthews. This large area of snow in the mountains upstream either melts or flows down to the end of the glacier, and Hubbard steadily grows. I suppose that's not a good thing for global warming, but it delighted. Location. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. We did the tour off of the cruise ship to get up close to the glacier. We've been to Hubbard Glacier 3 times with Celebrity and each time the ship has gotten within a half mile of the glacier. It spans a whopping 76 miles long, 1,200 feet deep, 6 to 7 miles wide and 25 to 30 stories tall at its face. Map of Hubbard Glacier. In the case of Hubbard, there also is a lot to see. Such a beautiful area and we weren't disappointed - thunderous, The approach to Hubbard itself is spectacular but when you are there it is an amazing experience. From its source in the Yukon, the glacier stretches 122 km (76 mi) to the sea at Yakutat Bay and Disenchantment Bay. wow what an awesome place. Contact. It’s also been very active in the past, having had two major surges in the past 30 years. The Ketchikan visitor center will be closed indefinitely for the health and safety of staff and visitors. Hubbard Glacier Facts. This small-group tour takes you to Chugach National Forest, Beluga Point, Portage Glacier, and more to spot brown bears, wolves, bison, and belugas. Here's a picture from one of our trips. Hubbard Glacier is a glacier in Yakutat and has an elevation of 112 feet. Yellow lines indicate the location of the terminus on August 1, 1978, and on July 13, 2002. The Hubbard Glacier ice margin has continued to advance for about a century. In the same manner as most neighboring glaciers, it has retreated by approximately 0.75 km (0.47 mi) in recent years. Glacier Tours. Best nearby. Everyone was given a glass of. The captain also turns the ship 360 so everyone gets a good view. You can also use the arrow keys to scroll forward and backward. You can either hike over Portage Pass to see it or take a short (Forest Service narrated) commercial boat trip that takes you near the face of the glacier. Logan (19,850 ft) in the Yukon Territory of Canada and ends within Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve. An admission fee is charged. It discharges from the margins of the Greenland Ice Sheet in Prudhoe Land, flowing roughly from north to south. Picture a river that is an average of 6 and a half miles wide and 1,200 feet deep. Beginning August 3, 2020, the Anchorage APLIC will be closed with no outdoor ranger station in accordance with Anchorage Municipality health mandates for the remainder of Summer 2020. 0 Other Attractions within 5 … This image, taken on July 22, 2014, shows the advancement of the Hubbard Glacier … According to the National Park Service, the advance is due to global warming which causes more precipitation to fall in the St. Elias Mountains. Picture it flowing, ever so slowly, along its 76 mile path from its source in Yukon, Canada. During the two hours our cruise ship was there we saw about 10. Yakutat Bay, AK. It is the longest tidewater glacier in the world. It just happens that the glacier itself is a lot to see. The Hubbard Glacier has its terminus in the northern shore of the mid Inglefield Fjord. Website. Important COVID-19 Update [as of August 3, 2020]. This experience is well worth the freezing cold you will experience as you cruise into the icy waters towards The second image shows a close-up of the glacier’s terminus on that day. Although the weather was somewhat hostile, as long as you were suitably … Several glaciers are within an easy day's drive of Anchorage: Portage Glacier, though no longer visible from the Begich-Boggs Visitor Center, is popular galcier to visit. The Hubbard Glacier is actually growing not receding as many other glaciers. Be aware that many of the parks, forests, and refuges in Alaska have closed their visitor centers in light of these events. Wildlife at Hubbard Glacier The edges of the iceberg (technically, bergy bits) are a great place for animal sightings. CRAZY BIG AVALANCHE @ 2:03 !! The Hubbard Glacier is an active glacier with two major surges in the last 30 years, at one point advancing more than 7 feet a day. Saved by Gala Dixon. Sorry, there are no tours or activities available to book online for the date(s) you selected. Originally known as Sitaantaagu ("the Glacier Behind the Town") or Aak'wtaaksit ("the Glacier Behind the Little Lake") by the Tlingits, the glacier was named Auke (Auk) Glacier by naturalist John Muir for the Tlingit Auk Kwaan (or Aak'w Kwaan) band in 1888. Hubbard Glacier Real-time Images. We were "parked" roughly a mile from the face of the glacier. OMG! In fact, Hubbard Glacier has advanced 1.5 miles, or about 2.4 kilometers, since 1895. Select image using the thumbnails on the left, or scroll in the image viewer. Good views of the glacier are available from a paved turn-out at mile 101.7 of the Glenn Highway.

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