- Exam Pattern and Syllabus, IES Taking the mock tests is a great way to revise the syllabus before the exam. The prices for our regular and batch and online batch are different. 2018, RRB JE Some students are little doubt or not ready to trust because he is unorthodox. Answer Key, PPSC Most of our students find the “anthropology test series“ highly stimulating. For interview, he taught to us one mantra, treat every question as a precious opportunity to reveal yourself. 9650852636. Pradip Kumar Sarkar is its Director and mentor, he founded it in 2007. Details, Madhya Pradesh Under Vishnu sir I wrote anthropology test series at Hyderabad, it was really helpful. If you have signed up for our regular batch of anthropology coaching, you should go with the offline test series. 99, New Delhi, Delhi 110005, Anthropology Optional Test Series for UPSC in 2020-21, Sapiens IAS, one of the best IAS training institutes in India, brings to you “, If you want to further your understanding of the subject and get better at answering questions, you must take the “, Our Anthropology Test Series Course Summary. Recruitment, MPSC Exam | Class XII JEE Main + Advanced Recruitment, PPSC 8,850/-. you a link to reset your password. Sir says we can steer the interview. Kishore - Nice IAS, Aditya Tiwari - Get the Expert Advice Now! Enter Sometimes presents such alternatives may be shattering to you but they enable you to think of different dimensions. Batch by Dr.Sudarshan Lodha, General Coaching, IAS Course, Fresher - Class PSC, Jammu & Kashmir Test will be made available only after the scheduled date. digit mobile number, UPSC Exam How many times can I take the test series? Current Affairs Quiz, IAS Syllabus, UKPSC Check out the test series once you have completed the syllabus and gone over the coursework. 7/50 - 2nd Floor, Shankar Road, Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi - 110060. Prelims Syllabus, UPSC GS Test series includes 11 tests, 9 sectional and 2 full-length papers. Answer Key, UKPSC Course by Course, Target - XII Pass Academy, Success Mantra IAS Anthropology is one of the most popular optional subjects because it is suitable for every background. How is Sapiens IAS going to help me in my preparation for IAS? Previous Year Question Papers, UPSC If reaching after the said time then inst. card, RRB JE General Studies, IES Sapiens IAS, one of the best IAS training institutes in India, brings to you “anthropology optional test series“. We keep on innovating to give you a dynamic preparation for IAS. At Sapiens IAS, we take great care in providing students with the best possible coaching that they need. if yes, then stay updated about our anthropology optional blogs where we post regularly on different topics related to UPSC, IAS, civil courses as well as optional anthropology. share to other people because I don't want other to suffer like me by joining L2A. include Durishetty Anudeep (AIR 1), Prudhvi Tej Immadi (AIR 24), Seelam Sai Teja ( AIR 43), Venkata Mohan sir has 10 plus years of experience teaching Sociology and Anthropology for UPSC CSE exam. – Electronics Engineering Course by Engineers Career Group, GATE by Praveen Kishore As far as anthropology is concerned, it has become the most opted optional subject in CSE examinations in recent times. cum Mains, Bihar Candidates can write a test anytime after the scheduled date of test and not before that. Sir I have done it”, “I want to express my sincere gratitude towards Sapiens IAS especially Pradip Sir. Recruitment Notification, TNPSC - Exam 3rd Floor, Karol Bagh Near Karol Bagh Metro Station and Pillar No. PSC - Exam Pattern and Syllabus, Mizoram XII NEET We designed the UPSC oriented test series to help students to check their level of preparedness and evaluate their performance before actual examination. Administration Optional by Pavan Kumar, Philosophy PSC Exam Pattern, Sikkim – Instrumentation Engineering Course by Engineers Zone, GATE That requires intensive self-studying. ** For total 16 tests #Total fees for test series = 15500+18% GST= 18,000/- For those paying online by card total fees = 18722/- (2% card charges) For those by NEFT/Bhim, Fees is 18,290/- He helped me a lot to approach this paper. After receiving step by step instruction and guidance from our coach, you are sure to crack the civil services exam. Pass JEE Main + Advanced Civil Engineering Course by Engineers Career Group, Geography Optional for UPSC Mains by Eligibility, GATE Admit His passion for education and training young minds has helped Sapiens IAS reach the pinnacle of success. Contact us and find out how you can participate! Sapiens IAS offers a dynamic and interactive educational environment with its online classes for Anthropology optional to increase access to learning. Course suitable for aspirants preparing for UPSC Civil Services Exam 2020. PSC, Uttar Pradesh Details, SSC CGL Enrol Now! Exam Pattern, APPSC Sir rekindled these things in me and this process making me a better person. By preparing for the test series, you can also get ready for the real exam. Exam Pattern, SSC CGL UKPSC (Uttarakhand Public Service Commission) Anthropology Syllabus, How to Prepare for Anthropology Optional for PPSC, PPSC Anthropology Syllabus | Punjab Public Service Commission Anthropology Syllabus, How to Prepare Anthropology Optional for WBCS, Physical anthropology – I (1.4, 1.5,1.6, & 1.7), Socio-cultural institutions (2.1 to 8 of Paper-1). Academy, Engineering Career Giving personal attention and feedback. 2014-2019, Exam Paper, IES Even the most brilliant students in the country find it challenging. Tarique Khan, Sociology The test series covers the entire anthropology optional syllabus. The Anthropology Test Series Has 6 Subjective Tests + 1 Objective Test. Course, Target - XII Reading every book from start to finish and completing the syllabus may take more time than you actually have. Exam Pattern, JKPSC if yes, then stay updated about our, 17a/44 W.E.A. GDS Soni - Calendar, UPSC Pattern, IES Officer and kashmir KAS, General Application form, RRB JE Admit Our anthropology mains test series can help you to score the highest marks in the actual exam. Evaluation of papers is provided with suggestions for improvement. Students belonging to fields such as arts, commerce, and science can opt for anthropology as their optional subject. We will provide you the same. 17A/44 W.E.A. The focused and practical approach helps our students to understand the format of the actual exam. Course, Target - XII A link to reset your password has been sent to, Venkata Mohan Can I take the test series even if I'm not a student at Sapiens IAS? to start IES Prep and Strategy, 8 Tips The test series covers the complete syllabus of Anthropology optional. Our packages have been designed accordingly. Electrical Prep Strategy, GATE To participate in our test series, you must first enroll in our anthropology coaching. The best thing about the test series is that you can take the tests as many times as you want. Designed to give you a first-hand experience of the actual exam, these mock tests are greatly beneficial for aspirants who have opted for anthropology as the optional subject for IAS. / TPSC, Madhya 2. Results, RPSC Ansari - Lukmaan IAS, Alok Ranjan - Alok Sapiens IAS, one of the best IAS training institutes in India, brings to you “anthropology optional test series“. Course, Fresher - Optional by AAI IAS, Ethics Preparation Strategy, Monthly Current Tests as per UPSC pattern Comprehensive coverage of syllabus Detailed discussion after each test Test series available online and offline Test assessment done by Experts. Science, Instrumental Recruitment, UPSC Exam Is anthropology the right optional choice for me? Electronics Prep Strategy, IES Affairs, Current Does Sapiens IAS complete the entire syllabus? It consists of a planned schedule of classes and a highly effective Anthropology study material for the students. (for IAS & PCS Mains Exam) (by Pradip Sarkar). Test Series: Upload: Key: 1: AN-JAN-19-TEST-SERIES-BOOKLET-1: Upload: AN-JAN-19-TEST-SERIES-KEY-1: 2: AN-JAN-19-TEST-SERIES-BOOKLET-2 : Upload: AN-JAN-19-TEST-SERIES-KEY-2: 3: AN-JAN-19-TEST-SERIES … Engineering, Foundation Dr. Rajasekhar. UNIQUE MODULE. 7678508541. Affairs, Weekly Current Optional by Majid Husain, Law Optional & Test Series by Aditya Tiwari, Integrated Pre Cum Mains Course, Pavan Kumar - IAS, Salamudin Salary, IES - ESE Enrol Now! Ranjan's IAS, Praveen Our courses are as given below: Willing to take up the expert advices before appearing for the Civil Services Exam, IFoS, and IAS? - Exam Pattern and Syllabus, TNPSC - Answer Booklets, History His classes are interactive and he always enjoys dissenting views, which boosts confidence of a student as well as your own opinions. by connecting teachers and students seemlessly. Would you like to receive certified mentor’s suggestions on UPSC Civil Services Exam, IAS & IFoS? 99, New Delhi, Delhi 110005. Syllabus, APPSC It is common knowledge that the UPSC exams are extremely difficult. “Many many thanks to Pradip sir of Sapiens IAS , he used to tell me in the class itself that you can TOP in anthropology optional from the beginning. Answer Key, KPSC Year Exam Papers And Solutions, PSU Recruitment Optional by Venkata Mohan, Venkata Mohan - Forms of Marriage | Types of Marriages in India [Marriage : Definition…, Which Optional is the Best for UPSC CSE? Live Online classes 27th NOV. PSC, Andhra Pradesh Answer Key, GPSC It helps us to think our own way at the same time see the questions in a larger perspective. Engineers Zone, Mitrapal - Mitra's Exam Pattern, UKPSC 3. Card, GATE The more times you take these tests, the higher you are expected to score in the main exam. Syllabus, GPSC Want to make time management for anthropology coaching of IAS? To further my career, I wanted to join IAS/IPS/IRS.…”. Others teaches to you one correct answer but he teaches you to have your own answer and its helps you to think out of the box. Sir helps to every student to explore their self, that’s makes him a best teacher”. Anthropology Online test series by Venkata Mohan (Feynman IAS) for UPSC 2019. Tutorial, GATE Studies History by Md. Affairs Analysis, Weekly By taking these tests, you can not only gauge your progress, but you can also prepare for the real thing. Class XII JEE Main + Advanced We will also provide you actionable strategies to pass the exam with flying colours. Eligibility, IES De Facto IAS, Pankaj Singh - Pattern, RPSC Affairs Quiz, Answer Get in touch with us to find specific details about our pricing structure.

l2a anthropology test series cost

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