Yes, this makes me sad but it is the free enterprise system that I support and defend even though it is largely lost at this point. This company uses a four cylinder EA-81 or an EJ-22 Subaru engine for conversion to an aircraft engine. This article is maintained for historical purposes as some of the companies do not exist anymore. NO Thank you Subaru engines ! The Subaru EA81 was originally designed & developed as an Aircraft Engine and then later modified for Automotive use when Subaru pulled out of the aviation business. Have a hanger neighbor who had one in Rv-6 egginfelter never could get it to cool down - another friend who bought one for his Glass star and lost engine several times on first flights both pulled and engines changed to proper aircraft engine. See our previous page for that. Posted November 16, 2020, I am looking for NSI EA81 side draft intake manifolds and cast valve covers. To order engine and for technical information on the Stratus EA-81 Subaru: STRATUS Inc. "Taking Subaru Engines to New Heights" 1270 S. Uplands Dr., Camano Island, WA 98292 Tel: (360) 387-6521 Email: You can say that any aircraft requiring an O-320 or an O-360 should be able to take this Subaru E6/200 engine, although you may expect some modifications to be done to the cowling. 843-339-2039 • $50.00 shipping. Posted November 26, 2020, Three E81 Subaru engines.Ideal for conversion. 705-724-9547 • They are also equipped with dual ignition but with single spark plugs (this must be dual in certified aviation) which is standard and fuel consumption is some 20% lower compared to a Lycoming of 180 hp. 705-499-0251 • Subaru is the automotive division of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI) of Japan and they produce automobiles with a horizontally opposed aka boxer type engine. ENGINE BEAT: June 1994. We ship to all 50 US states. Crating, shipping and applic. $649.00. EX17 Subaru 6HP Engine Horizontal Shaft 3/4" X 2-5/16" EX170 … Call for a price quote 1-866-418-3229 ! Being an automobile derivative it uses Mogas but this engine is also able to run on AVGAS 100 LL too, should that not be available while enroute cross country. ENABLE JAVASCRIPT TO ENJOY ALL MODERN FEATURES ON OUR SITE. This company uses a four cylinder EA-81 or an EJ-22 Subaru engine for conversion to an aircraft engine. Telephone: Hall mount installed on Subaru EG33 engine For Subaru EA82 MPFI, EJ22, EJ25 and EG33 engines, we offer a version of our proven F system to control both fuel and ignition functions. 2 normal & 1 turbo $250. 910-280-9481 • There is a plane in my neighborhood for sale with the following engine: Subaru NSI-E81 Engine 100HP with NSI re-drive Is this a good engine? Without money they cannot stay in business. It seemed like an ideal power plant for the new LSA type of aircraft, if you were not into the Rotax Bombardier line of engines. This is where Jan Eggenfellner of Edgewater, Florida stepped in. It is still bolted to the wooden pallet it came on from the factory. This 2.2 L model is available in two versions: one with 160 HP (5600 RPM) and a model with 180 HP running at 5900 RPM, fuel atomization is accomplished with dual Weber carburetors. Call or Text, Telephone: As this is an automobile based gas engine the maximum power output is reached at around 5000 RPM. You will therefore need a gearbox to reduce this high engine RPM to a more manageable propeller speed between 2200 to 2500 RPM. Copyright 2006 - 2020, Experimental Aircraft Info. Like the story of the Stratus conversions listed elsewhere in this magazine, few recent developments hold as much prom­ise for the future of light-to-moderate weight sport aircraft as do the recent introduction of a series of Subaru engine conversions for sport aircraft use. After flying his J-6 Karatoo for more than 41 hours powered by a two-stroke Rotax 582 engine, Don Hansen decided he wanted a four-cycle engine with a better power-to-weight ratio – enter the Subaru EA81. . Looking for a ea-81 engine mount for a 701. Up for sale is a 200+HP Subaru 6-Cylinder Aircraft Engine Conversion. One EA-81 Subaru engine with With Fm-100 injector carb Air Flow and Ross Aero Drive, NO reduction drive shaft did not work out only gear and flywheel, missing coil, engine mount, radiator, starter and exhaust less than 100 hours no logs. The basic engine is designed with a single ignition system (as is quite common in cars), it runs on Mogas, is liquid cooled, and can be equipped with a turbocharger (EJ-22) and will deliver power up to 180 BHP. JDM Subaru Motors are low mileage & tested. E81 SUBARU ENGINES (3 OF THEM) • $250 • FOR SALE • Three E81 Subaru engines.Ideal for conversion. Our Subaru Engines are the best in the country ! I has never been installed or run on an Aircraft. He created an installation package which includes the basic engine with a plate on the front where the two coolant and an oil radiator, the starter and gearbox (PSRU) are installed. Greetings.If you enjoyed and found value in our site, consider becoming a member. each. Subaru JDM engines imported from Japan: Most JDM Subaru engines don't have EGR and most single overhead cam engines imported from Japan are 2.0 ltr instead of 2.5 ltr for USDM market, we prefer selling rebuilt Subaru engines instead. With your help this website can keep growing as a source of information for all aviation enthusiasts! 450-202-7772 • Why are there no companies offering Subaru Aircraft Engines and conversion kits? Ron 705-499-0251, Telephone: Just like Rotax has done with their 912/4 line of engines. This is clear, there were some problems with these engines and some owners opted for a Lycoming. 00 03 subaru legacy rsk gt-b 2.0 twin turbo engine 5spd trans jdm ej208 309609 $ 1,049.00 08 09 SUBARU LEGACY OUTBACK 2.5XT TURBO AVCS ENGINE ONLY JDM EJ255 D590459 $ 2,799.00 02 05 SUBARU LEGACY 3.0L H6 ENGINE VTD E-5AT TRANS JDM EZ30R 111445 TG5C7CVABA $ 1,349.00 The EA-81 is a 1.8 L, with two Bing carburetors, single ignition, liquid cooled, belt driven reduction for the propeller, equipped with a 45 amp alternator and its maximum power is 100 hp. The engine is not included, you had to order it from Stratus 2000, Inc. In cars this design results in an engine with a lower center of gravity. For aircraft installations it means that the cowling has a lower profile and thus less drag, a very desirable property if you want to reduce fuel consumption by streamlining the cowling. The E6/200 is a six cylinder, 200 HP at 2700 propeller RPM, fuel injected automobile converted engine. $39.95 shipping. Subaru makes a good little car but no thank you on aircraft engine . It comes complete with Gear Reduction drive, 2x Coolant Radiators, 1x Oil Cooler, Custom Exhaust incl. 438-832-7772 • Should you need more power, Stratus also offers the EJ-22. Came close to a couple Aeronca's, but the deal didn't work out. Available only to builders of ZODIAC CH 601 series kit aircraft. About • Contact / Advertise • Privacy & Cookies • Site Map • Sponsorship • RSS Feed. EX40 Subaru 14HP Engine Horizontal Shaft 1" X 3-21/32" ES 5 Year Warranty. Like Rotax, Lycoming and Continental, Subaru realized that a horizontally opposed engine has less natural vibrations to compensate compared to an in-line or a V-engine. 2 normal & 1 turbo $250. 706-844-2306 • Which is more than enough for most small two or four place aircraft. And, no surprise here, both will need a reduction drive for the propeller. Because no market exists. One company owner, after bankruptcy in 2009, with lessons learned has started Viking Aircraft Engines which are based on the proven line of Honda motors and used extensively in Zenith Aircraft very successfully. A Subaru for a Karatoo. The low profile of the boxer engine is shown in the image to the right. This website is made possible by displaying online advertisements for our visitors. Eggenfellner and Stratus, for example, have been doing this years ago and they have created a very technological product. Posted November 23, 2020, SPG-4 gearbox conversion kit for aircraft, airboats, hovercraft etc. 812-767-3545 • Posted November 7, 2020. I've been in the market for a LSA for a while now, still looking for something that agrees with me. $399.95. Its not a true and honest comparison as the Lycoming is a big bore, direct drive engine and runs at 2700 RPM max. Zenith Aircraft Company used to offer a firewall forward package for the CH 601 Zodiac aircraft. The EA-81 is a 1.8 L, with two Bing carburetors, single ignition, liquid cooled, belt driven reduction for the propeller, equipped with a 45 amp alternator and its maximum power is 100 hp. each. The complete package includes (among other things) a low profile intake manifold, dual fuel pumps, dampened flywheel and an alternator of 40 amp (or 75 A optional) for your electrical instrumentation needs. We respect your decision to use an ad blocker, but remember: ads keep the site free of any paid solution. Wholesale Japanese Engines INC is a top used Subaru Engine dealer.

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